Plenary Meeting @ University of Vienna, 24-25th September 2014

On the 24th and 25th of September, University of Vienna hosted an interim PRECIOUS plenary meeting in order to discuss further details on the Virtual Individual Model, issues on the architectural structure and implementation of both back-end and front-end services, as well as motivational aspects of the system design. The PRECIOUS members managed to clarify and further detail a variety of things that will be part of the system, including potential ideas for Client-Apps that were identified within a 180s madness session/competition, rewarding the most creative ideas which could be used and delivered through mobile technologies. I think it is safe to say that everyone was excited about the ideas the partners provided, and the result turned out the be very impressive. Using the average of votes ranging from 1-5, the three highest rated ideas were finally rewarded with some (not-so-healthy) prizes. Below you can find some impressions of the meeting as well as the Client-App competition.


DSC03717DSC03711 DSC03744 DSC03752 DSC03770 DSC03806 DSC03888

2nd Plenary Meeting @ Campden BRI

The second two-day PRECIOUS plenary meeting took place at the facilities of Campden BRI in Chipping Campden, a fantastic little city about one and a half hours by train from London, UK. The major focus of this meeting were user requirements as well as use-cases, along with further clarification in the area of system architecture and other topics. Small workshops were held with regards to brainstorming use-cases as well as finding and prioritizing new ideas of the system. Overall, everyone agreed that it was an extremely productive meeting, in addition, it was great to see one or two new faces of project members who haven’t been able to attend the first meeting. Below are some impressions of both Chipping Campden and the second meeting.





1st Plenary Meeting @ AALTO University

The first three-day plenary meeting of the PRECIOUS project took place at AALTO University from the 3rd until the 6th of November 2013 in Helsinki. Every partner of the consortium was represented at the meeting, and the first ideas and thoughts on topics such as system architecture and virtual individual model were shared. Furthermore, plenty of organizational details were clarified, such as the logo design, website creation or other dissemination activities as well as meeting and telco intervals.

Below you can find a picture of the attendees of the first PRECIOUS meeting, along with some initial logo drafts projected in the background.

Consortium Picture

PREventive Care Infrastructure based On Ubiquitous Sensing

PRECIOUS project aims to develop a preventive care system to promote healthy lifestyles, which is comprised of three components: (1) transparent sensors for monitoring user context and health indicators (food intake, sleep and activity) that deliver ambient data about current user behavior; (2) users are represented by individual virtual models, which infer health risks and suggest behavioral changes; (3) state-of-the-art motivational techniques originating from gamification and motivational interviews to trigger a set of feedback tools to change the user habits toward more healthy behavior.