Showcase of the future of e‐health and PRECIOUS an EU project

On the 23rd September, the PRECIOUS consortium held a showcase event on the future of e-health and PRECIOUS an EU project on the development of a ubiquitous preventive health care tool. The event was held at Imperial College, London and was attended by a good mixture of representatives from academic, governmental and industrial stake holders.

During the day, there were three external speakers;

Jo Goossens from Shiftn who presented on; ‘personalised nutrition: a new setting for nutrition and health business’

Dr Tim Lobstein from DAPHNE who presented on; ‘Data-as-a Service Platform for Healthy lifestyle and Preventive Medicine (DAPHNE)’

Dr Felix Naughton from University of Cambridge who presented on; ‘the role of mobile sensing in behaviour change- Q-sense; a context aware smoking cessation app’.



These presentations along with the talks about PRECIOUS generated a lot of discussion and showed there is a real need for continued development and forward thinking to reap the full benefits of e-health.

All the presentations from the day can be accessed at;




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