Information for Trial Users

This page provides instructions to the trial users for using the bodyguard 2 device with PRECIOUS application

How to install the Lifestyle Assessment software

  1. The lifestyle assessment software is available only for windows platform with windows 7 or newer versions
  2. Download and extract the software from zip file provided at download link. Please Ignore any warnings that you might receive during the download or extraction phase from your browser or the Windows
  3. Click the setup to begin installation. If you receive a security notification about untrusted source, please ignore and continue
  4. Once the installation is complete, a desktop icon with the name “Lifestyle Assessment” will be created and can be used to start the application
  5. Some antivirus software might detect the software as a threat. In such a case, add the lifestyle assessment software to the list of safe applications of your antivirus. This will enable it to run safely without being interrupted by the antivirus. Please note that this software is in no way a threat to your computer’s security and privacy

How to analyze measurements with Lifestyle Assessment software

  1. Open the Lifestyle Assessment software and login using your credentials from the PRECIOUS mobile application
  2. If you have analyzed any previous reports, they will be available under the “Previous Reports” section of the upload tab
  3. To analyze new measurements, insert your bodyguard 2 device to a USB port on your computer, move to the “upload” tab of the software and click “Analyze” button. The software will now search the device for any new measurements. If one or more new measurements are found, the software will analyze them one by one.
  4. Newly analyzed reports will appear under the “Recent Reports” section, arranged by their start time.
  5. Use the “Information” tab for simple explanation of different parameters analyzed in the report

Note * When you connect the bodyguard 2 device for the first time to your PC using the USB port, it will initialize a device driver installation and automatically install the driver for the device

Instructions for wearing the bodyguard 2 device

  1. The detailed instructions on how to wear the device is given in this document. You can also watch this video that explains on how to wear the device
  2. On the day of use, wear the device in the morning, preferably after you have taken shower etc. and are ready for your day. Do not remove the device during the measurement time unless absolutely necessary. In case you remove the device during the measurement time, wear it back within one hour. Please note that missing time and broken measurements may affect the accuracy of the lifestyle assessment report
  3. The measurement should be taken from one morning till the next for 24 hours. During this 24 hours period, the device should be worn at all times. The device should be removed after you wake up the next morning
  4. The device is not water or heat resistant. Do not wear it during showers, sauna or swimming pool
  5. Since all the reports generated are specifically tailored for you by using your age, gender etc. , wear the device only yourself

How to charge the bodyguard 2 device

Though the device provided to you has already been charged, it is important to recharge it from time to time. To recharge your device, plug in the device to any USB port of your computer or laptop. An orange light on the bodyguard device will flash once per second, indicating that the device is getting charged. Once the device is completely charged, the flashing will stop and the orange light will turn on continuously. You can also remove the device once it has been charged for one hour

When to use the bodyguard 2 device

During the trial, you will receive a notification on your mobile application one day before the use of bodyguard 2 device. It will inform you to charge your device and wear it next morning. Just in case you missed the earlier notification or forgot about it, you will also get another notification in the morning, reminding you to wear the device. A third notification, sent on the day after the use of device, will inform you of uploading and analyzing your bodyguard 2 measurement.

Since you will wear the device multiple times during the course of the trial, you will receive these sets of notifications multiple times