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PRECIOUS seminar presentations

Personalised nutrition: a new setting for nutrition and health business- Jo Goossens, Shiftn

Data-as-a Service Platform for Healthy lifestyle and Preventive Medicine (DAPHNE)- Dr Tim Lobstein, DAPHNE (another EU project in the area of e-health)

An introduction to PRECIOUS- Jose Costa, Aalto University

Field Trial-Effects of motivational components on  diet- Campden BRI

Field Trial (5.2) Effects of motivational and self-regulation components on  diet- University of Helsinki

VHIR Pilot study – Current status & Preliminary results

Telecom Bretagne- Heart Rate sensor Comparison

The role of mobile sensing in behaviour change- Q-sense; a context aware smoking cessation app- Dr Felix Naughton, University of Cambridge

Demonstration of PRECIOUS Tool

PRECIOUS: Dissemination, Exploitation and Future Research


ISSUE 1: PRECIOUS newsletter – May 2014

ISSUE 2: PRECIOUS newsletter – Nov 2014

ISSUE 3: PRECIOUS-newsletter – May 2015

ISSUE 4: PRECIOUS newsletter – November2015

ISSUE 5: PRECIOUS newsletter- May 2016

ISSUE 6: PRECIOUS newsletter- October 2016

PRECIOUS organized workshops

Annual Meeting of social psychology (organized by Helsinki University)



The IMT team is currently developing a new protocol and architecture for home automation devices and ambient sensors. A website has been created in order to share documentations, specifications and source code. For more details about the xAAL solution you can visit the website at




D1.1 PRECIOUS project leaflet and PRECIOUS project presentation


D2.1 List of usage scenarios and user requirements

D2.2 Interim report on socio-economic factors and business models

D2 4 Ethical and privacy guidelines for PRECIOUS system implementation 1.0

 D2.5 Legislative Review


D3 1 Interim report on behavioral representation and Virtual Individual Modeling_1 0

D3 2-Behavioral Representation and VIM

D3 3_Interim motivational service design document-1.0

D3 4-Motivational Service Design


D4.1 System architecture and design specification

D4.2 System Integration Final Report

D4.3 Mobile Development Report

D4.4 Data Fusions Analysis and semantic quality solutions


D5.1 End To End Validation Plan (D5.1 Annexe 1, D5.1 Annexe 2, D5.1 Annexe 3, D5.1 Annexe 4, D5.1 Annexe 5, D5.1 Annexe 6, D5.1 Annexe 7)

D5-2 System Validation Report Final


D6.1 Preliminary dissemination and exploitation report v1.0
D6.1 Preliminary dissemination and exploitation report – Revised Version

D6.2 Final Dissemination and Exploitation Report


Annual ethical and Privacy reports


Annual ethical and privacy document-v1 0


2nd annual ethical and privacy report PRECIOUS


3rd annual ethical and privacy report for PRECIOUS development & implementation



Year 2016


M. Simonnet, B. Gourvennec, R. Billot (2016). Heart rate sensors acceptability: data reliability vs. ease of use. In BSN: Body Sensor Network Conference. 14-17 june 2016 San Francisco, California, United States, pp. 94-98.

M. Simonnet, B. Gourvennec, R. Billot (2016). Connected heart rate sensors to monitor sleep quality. In CHASE: IEEE First Conference on Connected Health: Applications, Systems and Engineering Technologies, IEEE Computer Society, 27-29 june 2016, Washington, United States, pp. 344-345.

Nurmi, J., Hagger, M. S., Haukkala, A., Araújo-Soares, V., & Hankonen, N. (in press). Relations between autonomous motivation and leisure-time physical activity participation: The mediating role of self-regulation techniques. Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology. doi: 10.1123/jsep.2015-0222


Nurmi, J. (2016, August). Increasing motivation for physical activity with smartphone? User tests with the Precious app. Oral presentation in the European Health Psychology Society Conference, Aberdeen, UK.

Nurmi, J. (2016, September). The Precious Project. Increasing motivation for physical activity with smartphone? User tests with the Precious app. Oral presentation in the Self-determination theory researcher meeting with Prof. Martin Hagger.

Presentations from the PRECIOUS Project Showcase Seminar held in London on 23rd September 2016 can be downloaded via this link:

Moreno, J., Castellano-Tejedor, C. & Lusilla-Palacios, P. Entrevista Motivacional y smartphone en prevención de salud ¿Es posible? El ejemplo del proyecto PRECIOUS. [Motivational Interviewing and smartphones in health prevention. Is it possible? The PRECIOUS project exemple]. Oral communication. GETEM, III Forum. Madrid (Madrid), 30/09/16-1/10/16.


Nurmi, J., Knittle, K., … & Haukkala, A. (2016, August). A Personalised, Sensor-Based Smart Phone Intervention for Physical Activity and Diet – PRECIOUS N-of-1 Trial. Poster presented in the European Association of Social Psychology Summer School, Exeter, UK.

Nurmi, J., Knittle, K., … & Haukkala, A. (2016, February). A Personalised, Sensor-Based Smart Phone Intervention for Physical Activity and Diet – PRECIOUS N-of-1 Trial. Poster presented in the 2nd behaviour change conference: Digital health and well-being, 2016. UCL Centre for Behaviour Change.

Castellano-Tejedor, C., Moreno, J. & Lusilla-Palacios, P. Aspectos de la aplicación móvil del proyecto PRECIOUS basados en la entrevista motivacional [Aspects from the PRECIOUS project app based on motivational interviewing]. Poster presentation. GETEM, III Forum. Madrid (Madrid), 30/09/16-1/10/16.
Moreno, J., Castellano-Tejedor, C. & Lusilla-Palacios, P. Entrevista motivacional para promover la adherencia a una aplicación móvil de estilos de vida saludables, personalizada y basada en sensores: El proyecto PRECIOUS [Motivational Interviewing to Foster Adherence to a Personalised, Sensor-based Smartphone Intervention for Healthy Lifestyles: The PRECIOUS project]. Poster presentation. GETEM, III Forum. Madrid (Madrid), 30/09/16-1/10/16.

UCL16 poster


Year 2015


Nurmi, J., Knittle, K., Helf, C., Zwickl, P., Lusilla, P., Tejedor, C., Costa-Requena, J., Myllymäki, T., Ravaja, N. & Haukkala, A. (2016). “A personalised, sensor-based smart phone intervention for physical activity and diet – PRECIOUS N-of-1 trial”. Submitted to the 2nd Behaviour Change Conference: Digital Health and Wellbeing, February 24-25, 2016, Centre for Behaviour Change, University College London, UK.

C. Lohr, P. Tanguy, J. Kerdreux, “xAAL: A Distributed Infrastructure for Heterogeneous Ambient Devices”, Journal of Intelligent Systems. Volume 24, Issue 3, Pages 321–331, ISSN (Online) 2191-026X, ISSN (Print) 0334-1860, DOI: 10.1515/jisys-2014-0144, March 2015,


Lusilla-Palacios, P. (2015) Adapting MI to mHealth in the management of chronic health conditions: The PRECIOUS service. Oral presentation at 2015 MINT Forum, 15-17th October, Berlin, Germany. berlin_2015_mint_forum_proposalShort share Pilar Lusilla_abstract short presentation Pilar Lusilla

Lusilla-Palacios, P. (2015) MI and shared decision making in chronically ill patients. Is it mHealth a key for treatment adherence? Oral presentation at the Polish Association of Motivational Interviewing (PAMI) MI Conference, 17-18th October, Poznan, Poland. abstractPoznan_Lusilla October 2015 presentation Pilar Lusilla PoznanmHealth

 Holmes C., “Electronic tools for healthy choices” Journal of the Institute of Food Science and Technology- December 2015 Electronic tools for healther choices FS&T Vol 29 Issue 4 Decmeber 2015 (2)

Year 2014


Mutafungwa, E. and Hämäläinen, J. “Use of Small Cell Technologies for Telemedicine,” to appear in “The E-Medicine, E-Health, M-Health, Telemedicine, and Telehealth Handbook (Two Volume Set)”, Edited by H. Eren, H. and Webster, J.G., ISBN 978-1-48-223655-2, CRC Press, to appear 07-09, 2015 (to be published 2015).


Castellano-Tejedor, C. “Motivational interviewing meta-analysis in health and primary care settings” Oral presentation at Il Forum Getem, 24-25 October 2014 ( – II FÓRUM GETEM_Santiago 25 10 14_Meta-análisis en EM ámbito de salud y primaria-Castellano Tejedor C_FINAL

Kärkkäinen T., Ott J., “Liberouter: Towards Autonomous Neighborhood Networking,” 11th IEEE/IFIP Annual Conference on Wireless On-deman Network Systems and Services (WONS) Special Session on Community Wireless Networks, pp. 162-169, April 2014. (

Kuczora S., et al. “Development of a preventive healthcare system to promote healthy lifestyles: measurement of food intake” IUFoST 2014 in August ( IUFoST

Lusilla, P., Castellano-Tejedor, C., Helf, C., Zwickl, P., Hlavacs, H., Haukkala, A., & Ravaja, N. Integrating Motivational Techniques in gamification systems for behaviour change. Poster communication presented at ICMI 2014 International Conference on Motivational Interviewing. Amsterdam, June 16-18, 2012. Poster ICMI.

Kärkkäinen T., Nagy M. and Ott J., “ Enhancing Opportunistic Networks with Legacy Nodes,” 9th ACM MobiCom Workshop on Challenged Networks, September 2014 (to appear)

Kärkkäinen T. and Ott J., “ Shared Content Editing in Opportunistic Networks” (concise contribution), 9th ACM MobiCom Workshop on Challenged Networks , September 2014 (to appear)


Stok, M., König, L., Nurmi, J. & Müller, A. M., “Leveraging Mobile Technology and Social Media in Behavioral Research”, Workshop report of the The European Health Psychologist: Create workshop 2014, 2014.